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Fire Protection measures are becomes the exclusive part of all buildings especially for high rise buildings to ensue the life and property in case of any fire situation in the building.

Fire protection begins from the planning stage of a building construction which includes the passive fire protection measures such as selection of building materials, smoke control systems such as provision of smoke vent, stair well pressurization systems, provision of evacuation routes and safe assembly area, etc. The active fire protection measures becomes part of the building constructions and which includes the fixed fire fighting systems, fire detection and warning systems, voice evacuation systems, Portable Fire Extinguishers etc.

All the fire protection measures shall be adopted in conjunction with the local building bylaws and shall be approved by the local fire force authority or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). It is important to appoint an expert on the subject during the construction and planning process.

 It is also important to select a system integrator who follows certain quality procedures in selection of equipments, workmanship, and having good design and engineering setup to ensure the quality and reliability of the installations. The Continued testing and maintenance may be necessary to assure your system is working.

The active fire protection installations mainly classified as follows.

Water Based Fire suppression system:

  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Sprinkler System
  • Foam system

Fire Hydrant System

System Description:
Fire Hydrant system is an effective and efficient means of extinguishing large fires, which can otherwise cause devastation. Hydrant system enables the fire fighter to attack the seat of the fire from a distance. Hydrant valves are outlets for delivering water with tremendous pressure so as to quench the fire. With discreet use of special branch pipe the water under pressure can also be used as a “sheet” to push the smoke for entering a burning building.

System Components:
This system comprising of Pumps, Motor Control Panel, Piping network, Control valves, Hydrant valves, Hoses Etc.

Sprinkler System

System Description: The automatic sprinkler and fire alarm system shall be designed to extinguish a fire in its early stages by the use of water and simultaneously sounding an alarm to summon help. Pipe work fitted with sprinklers at regular intervals is connected to a reliable water supply. Each sprinkler is an automatic heat sensitive valve, which opens independently in the event of fire to discharge water on to the seat of the outbreak. Only the sprinkler or sprinklers affected by fire operate, and the opening of any one sprinkler immediately sounds an alarm.

System Components:
The Sprinkler System comprising of Pumps, Motor Control Panel, Sprinkler Bulbs, System Piping, Control Valves, Installation Control Valve, Flow Switch  and Sprinkler Annunciation Panel. Etc.

Foam System

System Description:
Foam was first used to extinguish flammable liquid fires in the early 1900s when foam was generated by mixing solutions of sodium bicarbonate and aluminum sulphate containing a foam-stabilizing agent. This was known as `Chemical foam' and was still frequently used in extinguishers until quite recently.

Although larger systems were made for tank fire protection the sheer size of the systems and the problems of maintenance made them both costly and unsatisfactory.

The general use of foam began to grow rapidly in the 1930s with the development of foaming agents and foam generating equipment, which could produce foam in relatively simple equipment by entering air. The foam so produced was known as `mechanical foam' to distinguish it from `chemical foam'.

Gas Based fire suppression systems:

  • FM 200 / FE 227 (HFC 227ea Gas System)
  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Extinguishing System
  • NAF SIII System
  • Inergen System

Fire Detection & Alarm System:

  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm systems
  • Conventional Fire alarm systems
  • Hybrid system
  • Aspiration smoke detection
  • Liner Heat sensing
  • Flame detection
Security systems are also an essential requirement for any building especially organizations such as industry, government agencies, small business and retail establishments etc. against the terrorist threat, burglary, robbery, corporate theft and vandalism. The need for highly reliable and often sophisticated security systems and undercover surveillance continues to grow.

We are a fully established Electronic Security system provider offering a unique compliment of stealth surveillance equipment, early warning entry detection systems and exterior perimeter security.

We are offering a unique compliment of stealth surveillance equipment, early warning entry detection systems and exterior perimeter security.

We offer the following Security Engineering Systems:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Burglar Alarm System
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Boom Barriers
  • Video Door Phone

Consultancy Services

  • EHS plan and O&M Manual
  • EHS Inspection and Audit
  • Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Stack and Ambient Air quality Monitoring
  • Environment Audit
  • Support for ISO 9001 14001 &OHSAS 18001

Training Services

  • EHS Management as per OHSAS 18001 guide line
  • Safety in Construction Industries ( 2 Days program)
  • Hazard identification and risk control
  • Accident Investigation and Reporting
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Defensive driving and Transportation Safety
  • Hazard & Operability Study (HAZOP)- 2 days
  • Excavation and Blasting Safety
  • Working at height and Fall protection, Scaffolding and Ladder safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Safety in APDRP projects
  • Safety in Transmission line projects
  • Plant and machinery safety
  • Safety in material handling (Manual/ Crane/Fork Lift)
  • Safety in Gas cutting, welding and Grinding
  • Legal/Statutory Requirements
  • First Aid